It’s time to change lives.

We are driven by our mission to accelerate breakthroughs in gene therapy for patients suffering from severe genetic diseases.

We’re here because something can be done.

At Jaguar Gene Therapy, we believe in a world where individuals living with severe genetic diseases are no longer told there are no treatment options that can change the trajectory of their lives. We believe in a world where these same people receive medicines at the earliest stage of their diseases. We believe in a world where long-lasting, one-time treatments are possible. And we believe these aspirations are all within reach.

Time is of the essence for those with severe genetic diseases because early intervention can mean better outcomes and fuller lives. We are focused on moving gene therapy solutions from bench to bedside as safely and rapidly as possible. And our team is uniquely equipped to accelerate these breakthroughs.

What makes us Jaguar Gene Therapy.

Our People

We have assembled a proven team of experts across every aspect of our work, from science to manufacturing to commercial, enabling us to build the best gene therapy company – all in an effort to change lives for the better.

Our Pipeline

We are targeting some of the most devastating genetic diseases with significant unmet medical need: diseases in which gene therapies can have transformational impact on the lives of patients and those who care for them.

Our Platform

We leverage the unparalleled expertise and best-in-class manufacturing process of Advanced Medicine Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jaguar, to harness the proven and well-characterized AAV platform for our initial pipeline programs designed to minimize development risk and deliver safe, effective therapies. At the same time, we are continuously evaluating next-generation technologies, including novel capsids and delivery methods for future programs.

Our Partnerships

We have access to key academic institutions, renowned academic experts in their respective fields and world-class laboratories to give us an edge in expanding our pipeline and technologies.

Our people are the best in the business.

Our strength stems from our collective years in gene therapy. We hold strong relationships with key stakeholders including regulatory authorities, suppliers and researchers. Many of our team members led the development, manufacturing, approval and launch of one of the first one-time, systemic gene therapies approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is this experience – and more importantly, this shared passion – that is the driving force behind what is now Jaguar Gene Therapy.


Sean P. Nolan

Jaguar Gene Therapy Board of Directors

Joe Nolan, MBA

Jaguar Gene Therapy
Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth L. Custer, Ph.D., MBA

Eli Lilly and Company

Dave Fellows

Former CEO, Nightstar Therapeutics

Jonathan Leff

Deerfield Management Company

Elise Wang

Deerfield Management Company

Dave Greenwald, Ph.D.

Deerfield Management Company

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We hire the best because we know our success directly impacts the patients, families and communities we serve. Jaguars do gene therapy better than everyone else.