We prioritize our people.

Together, our sense of urgency propels us to work hard and strive for solutions.
See what it’s like to be a Jaguar.

At Jaguar Gene Therapy, everything starts with our people. The only way we can achieve our mission of accelerating breakthroughs in gene therapy as safely and rapidly as possible is by hiring the best talent – while also prioritizing our team members so they can have fulfilling and successful careers at Jaguar.

Life at Jaguar Gene Therapy.

Because people’s lives depend on us doing our jobs with passion and purpose, we’re held to a high set of standards. There’s a patient and a family at the center of everything we do, and they are counting on us. Whether we’re joining a community walk, meeting with key partners or tackling a challenge head on, our culture fosters an environment where we can always be and do our best.

See what life at Jaguar Gene Therapy is like.

Our values make our mission possible.

Jaguars fight on. We understand the bold nature of our mission, and our shared values highlight the behaviors we’ll use to accomplish it.


It’s who we are and who we always want to be. We play by the rules and follow the law because we know our reputations and good names in the industry and in the community mean everything.


As the name Jaguar implies, we can move quickly, we are agile and we prioritize smartly. Speed is never an excuse to shortcut quality or integrity. We fiercely drive for results, we are bold and we are aggressive. We are relentless and passionate in our pursuit of cures for severe genetic diseases. We don’t give up because people are counting on us. No stone is left unturned in our search for answers and results.


We are part of a talented team of people with varied backgrounds and perspectives. We work together to find solutions. We support each other, and we help each other out. We respect each other, and we value each other’s contributions to the efforts we are making on behalf of patients. We may have different opinions, but we can agree to disagree and still be friends.

What’s in our name?

Jaguars are strong. Jaguars are agile. Jaguars accelerate. We leverage these same characteristics to develop safe and effective gene therapies for those who need them. While our individual team members are as unique as the spots on a jaguar’s coat, we are all bound together by the traits that make us Jaguars.

Meet a few of our Jaguars.

Across all aspects of our organization, we’ve brought together the experts necessary to build the best gene therapy company. Get to know some of our Jaguars.

“At Jaguar, we recognize the urgent need for treatments for the diseases we are targeting. We work every day to deliver breakthroughs in gene therapy as safely and rapidly as possible.”

“When you’re handed an opportunity to work at an organization like Jaguar, you need to make the most of it. What we are doing is on the cusp of something that will be huge in the gene therapy manufacturing industry, and it’s really cool to be a part of that.”

“Any company can pursue bringing a novel therapy to the world, but it’s really the people who make it unique. Everyone at Jaguar is passionate, driven – and we all share the same end goal to change the trajectory of patient lives.”

“The Jaguar team’s agility sets us apart. Being a small company means there are so many changes taking place, so building an agile team that is able to pivot as needed is crucial. Experiments can change quickly, which is exciting – I like the fast-paced environment.”

“Jaguar is a family. We really care about what we are doing, and we care about the people we are helping. I love working at Jaguar because you get the sense the company really cares for you and values you as an employee, and knowing we are doing something really big to help families and children who can’t help themselves makes me proud.”

Find your spot at Jaguar.

We seek out team members who have the knowledge, background and expertise required to swiftly and successfully navigate the development, manufacturing and operations of bringing breakthrough gene therapies to patients. We are looking for the bold, the fierce, the dedicated, the passionate – and, most importantly – the people with a bias towards action. Browse our open positions below, and apply for one today.

Please be aware of hiring scams. We have been made aware of unethical people representing themselves as hiring managers for Jaguar Gene Therapy who have no connection to Jaguar Gene Therapy and no authority to represent Jaguar Gene Therapy. Learn more about how to avoid scams by visiting https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/job-scams.

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We hire the best because we know our success directly impacts the patients, families and communities we serve. Jaguars do gene therapy better than everyone else.